finest visual work

Video Portfolio

Want to show off your best visual work and make an impact on people?

Let’s start!

The best way to show your latest photography projects is to create a video portfolio.

It is a print or digital catalog that is visually appealing. A good portfolio is what can determine your success when prospecting for clients.

It represents your skills, your style and your critical eye. In this text you will find easy to follow steps to get started.

1) Photographs

The main ingredient of a portfolio is your photographic or visual work, so of course learning and honing your skills is an obvious task.

2) Customers

Think about the customers you want to attract, thinking about them will focus your work, allowing you to select and show a certain type of images that can be used in a certain industry.

3. Cream of the crop

You have to select the best of them, you are looking for quality and not quantity, and with that comes the critical eye, to choose the best from a variety – nearly 10 images – that shows you are capable of tackling different techniques or themes.


What is the message you want to send?

What really inspires you as a designer?

The answer will help you to have consistency between the chosen plans. . If you’re having trouble deciding which image is right for you, you can print them out and hang them on the wall so you can look at them in macro and put them together to match your ideal message.

5. Flow

Your portfolio should be fluid and easy to navigate. The layout, order and size of each image can drastically change the results. You can organize your pieces with specific segments, so customers can easily look at your work and pay special attention to the centerpieces.

6. Layout

For layout ideas, it’s good to check other artists’ portfolios, you can get an idea of what you like and what works best for you. A portfolio including ten of your works can be useful. Remember that the observer will look at a few and then move on to another. So keep it simple, always in high resolution, knowing that business customers can view your photos on larger screens.
For layout inspiration, here are some good examples:

7. Size

You can have a printed portfolio or create a digital one, the second option offers many possibilities, using apps, creating your own web page, using portfolio templates, and even hiring professionals to shape it.

If you want to create your own web page, you will need a domain, a good search engine to make your web page known and, of course, visual education and time to work on graphic design .

As this can be more work than expected, there are a myriad of good web pages with themes for portfolios.

WordPress, Ignea, Photomania, Portfolio and .Tube, are some of them, check them out to find the one that suits you best.

As you may know, appearances are everything and for your portfolio to be eye-catching, it has to be something special and pleasing to the eye. That’s all you need to get started. So go ahead, show us your talent!

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