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Stunning cinematic shots


Add a new attractive angle of view to your images.


Immersive rendering thanks to our acrobatic freestyle drones


Save on the cost of a helicopter, our drones inspect for you.

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Professional drone

Nowadays, drones are revolutionizing the world, whether in medicine, in the army, in transport, in surveillance and especially in video. Very powerful and usable almost everywhere, this new generation tool will bring you solutions and new points of view according to your needs.


As a professional drone pilot, we can offer you drones adapted to your needs and we will produce high definition images that can be used by all of your media.

Drone video


Each drone flight must be planned in such a way as to comply with the regulations in force.

We take care of all authorization requests with the competent authorities.


Thanks to technology and our latest generation drones, we are able to offer you inspection services such as inspections of pipes, electricity pylons, dams, bridges as well as all kinds of large-scale works.

We also assist the emergency services for emergency searches, disappearances as well as field inspections before any agricultural maneuvers for the protection of animals.

drone photos

Drone photo

Aerial photographs

Aerial photography is becoming more and more popular in Switzerland thanks to the technological progress of drones.

These flying cameras allow for high-resolution images to be taken from an aerial view, providing unique perspectives that would not be possible with traditional methods of photography.

The process of drone photography involves using a camera-equipped drone to take aerial photos.

Professional drone pilots can control the camera remotely to adjust the angle of view, zoom, depth and other parameters to get the best possible images.

Modern drones are equipped with high-resolution sensors and stabilization options for crisp, clear images.

Prices for a drone photographer depend on several factors, including the length of the session, the location, the type of drone needed, and the project requirements. In general, rates vary from a few hundred to several thousand Swiss francs.

Using a drone to take pictures has many advantages for different types of projects.

For sporting events, drones offer unique and attractive views for venue and concept promotion.

For wedding photography, drones can capture epic images of the ceremony and reception from an aerial view.

Real estate drone photography is also very popular because it allows you to show properties in a unique and attractive way.

Drones can also be used for construction photography, mapping and many other areas.

It is important to choose the right drone for aerial photography depending on the project. If you are filming in the city, a smaller and more manageable drone will be more suitable.

If you are filming in the mountains, a more robust drone capable of flying in more difficult wind conditions will be preferable.

The DJI Mavic 3 drone is an excellent choice for example for aerial photography projects as it offers high quality formats, advanced image stabilization and a high flight range.

This is the model we use for most of our projects in high altitude like in Tanzania on the Kilimanjaro at almost 6000m for example.

Drone video

Professional videos by drone

Professional videos made with drones offer many benefits for businesses and professionals.

Drones are capable of capturing high quality aerial images, offering a unique and unprecedented view of the subjects filmed.

Drone videos can be used for many purposes such as advertising, real estate videos, tourism videos, wedding videos, construction videos, surveillance and inspection videos, and much more.

To make a good drone video, it is important to respect the rules and laws in force concerning drone piloting.

It is also important to plan the shoot carefully, taking into account factors such as winds, restricted flying areas and the best time of day to shoot.

The experience of the pilot is also crucial to ensure image quality and safety.

By using drone videos, you can create high quality and unique visual content that can help showcase your business or project.

Drone videos can also be used for company archives and to improve internal and external company communication.

In summary, professional drone videos offer many benefits for businesses and professionals, capturing high-quality and unique aerial images that can be used for many different purposes.

It is important to follow the rules and laws in force regarding the piloting of drones, to plan the shots correctly and to have an experienced pilot to guarantee the quality of the images and safety.

At B-EPIC, all our drone pilots are certified in accordance with the latest Swiss and European regulations and each has more than 1000 hours of flight experience to guarantee you the highest quality work.

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