Video production

“In the digital era, potential customers will systematically prefer to watch audiovisual content rather than read a text.

Videos have a very strong ability to generate engagement and hold attention.”

Audiovisual production

The steps of the video production

company video production


Pre-production is the organization, planning and management of the overall project. Thanks to it, each movement is planned and we can thus save as much time as possible.

video director

Shooting the video

Filming is one of the key steps in video recording. This is the moment when your ideas come to life thanks to our know-how and our equipment. This is where our creativity comes in.

drone video production

Post production

Post-production includes all stages of video creation, from editing to image processing
including voiceover creation and motion design. Still a little patience, you will soon have the result.

we focus on the

Professional video production


Our resources

We offer our clients the best video shooting equipment and techniques according to the budget available.

We can make any type of video, contact us so that we can help you with your project.

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Technology evolves very quickly in the audiovisual sector, which is why we are equipped with state-of-the-art cameras.

clip realization


The light is an element that it is essential to control on the shoots in order to ensure an optimal result. We have a full range of lights.

professional video production

The sound

In a video, the soundtrack is often more important than the image itself, because it is responsible for the atmosphere, the emotion and the final rendering of the video. We are equipped for recording and mixing your audio content.

drone video production

drone video production

Our production has the ability to make aerial videos with cinematic or fpv racing drones. These vantage points allow for a creative and dynamic approach, offering possibilities for new filming angles.

video production agency

Video production for companies and institutions

Our video agency will be able to inform you at all stages of the production. We are in constant contact with our clients, whether it be for a corporate, institutional or promotional video.

In addition, our video production agency b-epic will have maximum price transparency throughout the process, because depending on the project, the prices for making a video will change as the project evolves.


Marketers say video drives sales.


Website visitors enjoy video content more than reading text.
Look for answers

What are the prices for making a video?

We do not have fixed rates for making videos because each project has different requirements, for which the budgets are different.

However, we have created a reference guide where you can have a better reference (this guide is only referential and in no way reflects our final values).

What are the deadlines for obtaining a video after shooting?

The editing period is normally 14 working days after the day of shooting. This avoids any delay on the part of the client in the transmission of information such as (logo, slides or images to be included in the video, etc.).

However, we can do express delivery, which will have an additional cost depending on the project and how quickly the video is needed.

How will the final video be sent to us?

The final video is delivered through a download link, where you can access the download without any cost or registration. At the same time, we can upload your video to our YouTube channel and you will immediately have online access to share it with your customers.

Can we get the source files?

Yes, you can definitely get all saved and unedited files. There is an extra charge for this.

Is filming possible during this health crisis?

At the moment it is possible (it depends on the authorities and may change). Provided that the limits of people are respected depending on whether it is outside or inside, such as the use of masks, disinfectants and respect for the correct distances. Please check if this is the case for the shooting dates you are interested in.

How are the payment processes for your services?

After you receive a quote and agree to it, we require a 50% payment of the project in order to set the shooting date. The remaining 50% will be requested upon delivery of the video.

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