Our production company has shot videos all over Switzerland, mainly in Lausanne, Geneva and Fribourg.

The video production we offer has a wide range of services and equipment, so we can meet all stages of production, no matter what type of video service you need.

We invite you to watch our latest productions.

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Communication agency specializing in

Video production services

Located in French-speaking Switzerland, it produces content in the cities of Lausanne, Geneva, Sion and the rest of Switzerland.

Video is one of the most effective types of content in the world of digital marketing. This is why we invite you to discover our different services below.

video production

Video production is the process of producing audiovisual content for television, social networks, internet, websites, etc.

Geneva video recording
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The process is generalized in 3 steps:



-post production

Pre-production includes all logistical and planning aspects before the camera starts rolling.

These processes include: concept definition, script and storyboard development, programming, logistics and other administrative tasks.

Production is the stage where filming begins, which must have a place and a subject, among other things, to film.

Post-production is the stage where we make a selection of all the material collected, trying to highlight the emotions that we want to convey, as well as the narration and the coherence with the story that we wants to communicate.

In this process, there are several categories such as sound, sound effects and music, image, color correction and stylization, special effects, etc.

The size of the production will be determined by the number of people needed to meet the project requirements.

The quality of production and the number of people go hand in hand, because the right number will allow each department to focus on a specific area.

The number of technicians varies on each project. Some projects require up to 30 people, while others are carried out with a small team of 2 to 5 people.

Some examples of the scale of a production:

• a single cameraman, equipped with a camera and everything needed to record.

• small team of two people, usually a sound person and a camera person, or two cameramen, or a cameraman and an assistant.

• multi-camera, several cameras with several operators and a group behind to be able to digest and assist.

• large-scale production with a group of more than 5 people, in general each area has its specialist (camera, light, sound, organisation, etc).


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video production

A video production company can satisfy a wide variety of services, including:

event videos, wedding videos, marketing videos, customer testimonials, product videos, corporate videos, internet advertisements, video editing, studio rental, social media videos, photography, etc.

video agency geneva

I think the list is endless, but we will name a few.

Cameras, lights, actors, director/crew, script, tripod, mic, gimbal, editing software, special effects, video editing hardware, memory cards, lens, etc.

On average, values in general have a base of 100chf per hour in Switzerland. But that’s not all, to get a clearer idea of the total value, you have to consider things like the total number of hours involved, the number of people and cameras, the location and the graphics or special effects.

In general, video production companies in Switzerland do not display a price list. The modality is to create a budget for each of their clients who need their video services, based on time and the particular requirements of the project.

We are going to give you an ideal overview of the process that we are going to follow.

concept . ATTENTION (this step is crucial to achieve the desired objective)

it all starts with several questions such as: who is the target audience for this video, what is the end goal, what is the message and call to action of the video, what is the script/storyborad, should animate it?

The script/storyborad should be easy to understand and give a clear idea of what you want to achieve. It should be realistic in relation to the length of the final video and include elements such as sets, camera angle, light placements and location.

Pre-production planning involves finding a location, getting the necessary permits, getting all the equipment you need, reviewing the script, talking to the actors about their roles, deciding on the budget, and choosing the time and day of the shoot.

As we said, the list above is very basic. There are countless other details – camera batteries, makeup, wardrobe, etc. – to be taken into account before shooting.

Shooting the video , there are thousands of details in this step. it is better to be well prepared in the previous stages and to have a good attitude towards the problems that will arise as the project progresses.

Editing , an editor has a critical eye and can help you produce a better end result.

The encoding of the video , this step will give the possibility of distributing the video on different platforms.

Distribution , this step is fundamental and this is where many companies fail. a good video needs to be posted on the right platforms in the right way so that many people can find it and enjoy its content.

This means having the right seo title, the right description and the right category.

Promotion , on all social networks, it is possible to promote videos in a paid way. if you know how, you can reach many people who exhibit the characteristics of your buyer persona. you can also promote your video through your email contact list or a third party who shares the post.

friborg video production
Advertising videos

Advertising videos


Advertising videos are the ones we usually see on television, although with the rise of new technologies we can also find them on social networks like Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

This type of production is usually short (no more than 30 seconds), and its main objective is to introduce your products or services to this specific segment of people who will become your customers.

What elements must a video ad contain to be effective? First of all, you have to get the person’s attention, make them believe that what you are offering them will help them solve a problem or improve their quality of life.

Another very important point to consider is the message you are delivering. Remember that the time of advertising videos is short. They usually don’t last more than 30 seconds, so you have to be concrete, use the right terms and the right words so that the message you send correctly reaches your potential customers.

The other element is the link with the brand. Your video should be impactful enough that the viewer will remember your brand when they need the product you offer. For example, if your company sells sports shoes, the ideal would be for the customer to remember your brand when they need to buy a pair of sneakers.

For all these elements to be fulfilled, the quality of the audiovisual production is the most important thing, in terms of images and the message that is transmitted.

Corporate video production

Unlike an advertising video, the corporate video is intended to show the values of your company, as well as its facilities and even its employees. The purpose of this content is to show the organizational culture of your company.

Corporate videos are great for showcasing your business, its history, processes, work teams, and the impact they have on the market or community. In this case, the main objective is not to sell, but to create a bond with the customer, so that he remembers you.

Another reason you should consider making a corporate video is to differentiate yourself from the rest of your competition, to explain what makes you better than them. Through quality images and texts, you must answer the following question: what makes you better than your competitor? Why should he choose you over someone else?

Making a corporate video is also a great way to position yourself on social media. Keep in mind that most social media users today prefer video over other types of content because they are easier to consume.

But corporate videos aren’t just great for posting on social media. They are also a great opportunity to generate content on your own website or blog. Consider that many people don’t have time to read a 1000 or 1500 word text. A video is much more practical.

Corporate videos
Promotional Videos

Promotional videos of your events


Event videos allow you to reach your target audience effectively. Its objective is to publicize an event such as festivals, sporting events, concerts or even your company.

This type of audiovisual production is often relayed by the traditional media, that is to say television, or also by digital channels such as Youtube, Instagram, Facebook as well as specialized websites.

For a promotional video to do its job, it must have a message, a creative script and a high quality of production.

Music video production


If you’re an artist and want to get your career off the ground, a music video is the best way to do that.

These types of videos usually have a high production level and are usually released by Youtube.

Whether it is for a soundtrack, a sound effect or an entire album, our team will be able to accompany you through all these processes.

Music videos
video production

Video production company

Audiovisual production is the main service offered by our creative agency.

This is the production of videos intended for publication in audiovisual media such as Youtube, Instagram or Facebook.

The latest advertising statistics report that audiovisual content represents 78% of what is consumed on the Internet.

And while video has many advantages over other types of content, the main one is that it is easy to use, unlike written content, for example, which requires more attention from the user. .

Our video shooting locations vary between Lausanne, Geneva, the whole of Switzerland and abroad.