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Each client is unique, as are their projects and budgets.
Tariff reference packages

What are the costs of a video?

Costs vary incredibly and it all depends on the size of the project.

Among the parameters to consider during a shoot are preparation (pre-production), shooting (production) and editing (post-production), each of which can be divided into sub-elements.

Pre-production: interview with the client, location scouting, script design, filming planning, storyboarding, meetings with the director, hiring of make-up artists, electricians, assistants, equipment, flight authorizations for drones, etc

Production : length of filming, number of people involved, equipment, location, catering, creation of the set, sound, light, drone filming, etc.

Post-production : editing, special effects, animations, voice mixing, editor’s salary, music with free usage rights, sound mixing, color correction and color styling, etc.

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I needed a promotional video for an advertising campaign and I came across this audiovisual production company by chance.

I was surprised by his professionalism and especially by the exceptional quality of the work provided.

Reactivity, adaptability and a very human and personalized approach.

David Calero Rodriguez

I recommend to everyone, realization and video production of excellent quality, executed with seriousness, care and precision by passionate professionals !!

Magnificent audiovisual productions.

Yvan Weber

Tariff reference packages

We have created these packages so that you have a reference to take into account when designing your audiovisual project


Visual and auditory joint retention

What type of video?

What is your budget ?

Extras to consider

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corporate video pricing

For businesses and corporations, the prices for the services provided to make a video vary considerably.

The following elements must be taken into account: the length of the final video, the number of videos, the number of days of shooting, the costs of the drone operator, as well as the motion design, if necessary.

That’s why we invite you to think about your project and call us so that we can ask you the relevant questions that will allow us to give you the best price for your video.

drone video price

Every day drones are gaining in popularity and this is obviously due to the ability they have to give us an aerial perspective.There are currently many types of drones which have specialized to meet different needs such as inspection drones, racing drones (fpv) or even 3-dimensional mapping drones.


That’s why it’s essential to have a clear idea of the purpose of renting a drone, as prices vary depending on the type you choose, operator rate, permits and fees. Assembly.


We invite you to call us to give you the best information for your needs.


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