Helping and supporting each other

Our help to the company

One of the objectives of our agency B-EPIC is to bring our help to the local and international community through various actions.

Whether it is through visibility, humanitarian actions or volunteering, we strive to invest our time, energy and money in various causes that are important to us.

Volunteer hours

Money collected


Investment of annual turnover


Here’s how we help

We develop projects

We carry out the entire process of project development, filming and organization so that these associations can achieve their goals and enjoy great visibility.

We sell our photos

We print and sell our photos so that the profit is donated to associations. A great way to support and offer visibility to these organizations.

Personal involvement

We do not count our hours for this kind of project. We invest a lot of energy, money and time in this.

we contribute financially

Whether it’s through the sale of our photo / video content, the realization of various crowdfunding or by the return of 1% of our turnover, we return a part of our money in these projects.

how we helped him

Projects in which we have participated

vtt rivera

The Association VTT Riviera

We help the Rivera ATV community by creating all the audiovisual content needed to promote them, whether it be photos or videos, as well as through broadcast strategies.


Video production travel

The Tsumo Maya Garchu Association

We have made multiple documentaries and photos for the association in order to be able to collect important sums of money to continue the humanitarian aid in Nepal.

Other projects are still to come.

Robin des Voiles

We collaborate with the association Robin des Voiles, whose vocation is to help people in pain to express their pain beyond the taboos and prohibitions of our society.
Each year, we are in charge of carrying out the different reports of the project follow-up as well as the recording of the complete show in multicam. A mission that is particularly close to our hearts.



Mutual Aid



We have the pleasure to work and collaborate with B-Epic, a professional and dynamic audiovisual company. The quality of the work provided is exceptional, the company shows an excellent human contact and offers a personalized work to our needs for the promotion of our association.
We recommend for your promotion and video/photos shooting projects whatever they are, the B-Epic team will be able to adapt!

Guillaume Ladine

| President VTT Rivera