co-founder, videographer & athlete

Aurelio Valentino

experience and success stories

“Turn every day into a unique adventure”.

Always looking for thrills, new challenges and adventures, Aurélio made his first alpine experiences during 6 years on the Freeride World Tour on Snowboard. Quickly in search of new sensations, Aurélio took his first steps in Ultra-Trail in 2016 on the Ultra-Trail World Tour by participating in stages of up to 200km. At the same time, Aurélio develops his mountaineering skills by climbing most of the 4000+ peaks in the Alps.


Key events:

  • Sequence of the Matterhorn and Mont-Blanc in 23h11.
  • 3 Kilimanjaro climbs in 9 days including two running climbs (11:30 a.m. on the Mweka and 5 p.m. on the Western Breach as a videographer)
  • Ascent of Mount Olympus in 9h40 (48km and 3500 D+ as a videographer)
  • 34th at the Diagonales des fous 165km and 10,000D+
  • 17th at Madeira Island Ultra-Trail 116km and 7700D+

Capable of following you and filming you almost anywhere on this planet, Aurélio will put his versatility and physical abilities at your disposal in your craziest projects. Accustomed to filming athletes during expeditions and record attempts, his experience allows him to be 100% autonomous.

  • Mountain-Mountaineering-Trail-ski-snowboard-climbing
  • documentary-trips-expeditions
  • events-advertising-promotion

On land, in water or in the air

  • 100% autonomous
  • Excellent physical abilities
  • Experiences, safety and technicality
  • At your side in all situations.

10 years of video production

  • + than 500 projects carried out.
  • + than 15 countries visited for filming.
  • 100% customer satisfaction

A solution to all problems

  • Alone or in a team.
  • Fast and versatile.
  • Quality and precision.
  • Great importance in human relationships.
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