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It is essential today to understand how the world is changing and the direction it is taking. It was super interesting to work with Active Solar which is part of Active Niche, because we had the opportunity to learn the global trends towards sectors such as solar farms which are in full development thanks to new technologies which make them much more profitable than in previous years.

We invite you to watch these videos of which there are two versions. A short version and a long, more detailed version for those interested.

Extract from the story

Active Solar is the first investment fund specializing in the global solar energy sector; it was launched on September 15, 2008.

The strategy is to invest in the best companies active in the solar energy sector, considering the entire photovoltaic value chain, without geographical limits.

Active Solar only invests in listed and sufficiently liquid companies.

Long video

Pascal Rochat introduces you to the global solar market, the current revolution in the energy sector and the reasons that have propelled solar power into a leader in the electricity sector.

Short Video

Pascal Rochat summarizes the investment theses for you.

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