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A modern residential standard


We had the chance to experience these amazing, modern, spacious and well-located properties. This project consists of the presentation of the 7 buildings belonging to the Socim with an additional video, which is an extract of the best parts of all the videos.
If you are looking for accommodation in Montreux and its surroundings, we recommend that you visit them. We invite you to watch the videos to live the experience.

Extract from the story 

Founded in 1958, the Société Coopérative Immobilière de Montreux (SOCIM) aims to put affordable housing on the local rental market. The 6 buildings and their  The 235 homes it owns thus contribute to the well-being of society and the economic development of the region.


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SOCIM, Committed to the Montreux region since 1958.

1min 14sec

Chantepierre building, in the heart of Montreux, Switzerland

1min 6 sec