Partner Program: Terms and Conditions

Membership terms and conditions

As an authorized affiliate (Affiliate) of B-Epic Agency, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement (Agreement). Please read the entire Agreement carefully before signing up and promoting B-Epic as an Affiliate.Your participation in the program is for the sole purpose of providing legal publicity for our website in order to receive a commission on video projects and products purchased by people and companies referred to B-Epic by your own website or by personal references.

By registering for the B-Epic Partner Program (Program), you signify your acceptance of this Agreement and its terms and conditions.

1. Approval or rejection of the request

We reserve the right to approve or reject ANY application to participate in the Partner Program at our sole and absolute discretion. You will have no legal recourse against us if your Affiliate Program application is rejected.

2. Fees

Commissions will be paid within 7 days of payment of your referral to B-Epic. For an affiliate to receive a commission, the referred account must have successfully paid B-Epic.

If it is a partial payment (i.e. B-Epic’s standard 25% initial payment), you as an affiliate will receive 25% of your commission, and the 75 % remaining when the account you referred is paid in full.

You cannot refer yourself, and you will not receive commission on your own accounts. There is also a limit of one commission per referral. For example, if a third party follows the link on your website and orders several products repeatedly, you will receive a commission only at the first opportunity.

Payments will only be sent for transactions that have been completed successfully. Transactions that result in chargebacks or refunds will not be paid. To date, B-Epic has never had a chargeback or refund request in its entire operating history.

As an affiliate, you will receive 10% of the agreed project budget, with the referred account agreeing to B-Epic revealing the agreed amount in the accepted project proposal.

Referrers must claim their sponsorship before B-Epic sends the referred client an initial project proposal. B-Epic must be informed that the client who is the subject of a proposal or engagement is a referred client.

3. Termination

Your membership application and status in the program may be suspended or terminated for any of the following reasons:

– Inappropriate advertisements (false statements, misleading hyperlinks, etc.).

– Spamming (mass email, mass posting in discussion groups, etc.)

– Advertising on sites containing or promoting illegal activities.

– Non-disclosure of affiliate relationship for any promotion that may be considered endorsement under the guidelines and regulations of the Federal Trade Commission or any applicable state law.

– Violation of intellectual property rights. B-Epic reserves the right to require license agreements from those who use B-Epic marks in order to protect our intellectual property rights.

– Offer rebates, coupons or any other form of promised rebate on your affiliate commission as an incentive. Adding bonuses or bundling other products with B-Epic is however acceptable.

– Self-referencing, fraudulent transactions, suspicion of affiliate fraud.

– In addition to the above, B-Epic reserves the right to terminate any Affiliate account at any time, for any violation of this Agreement or for no reason.

4. Affiliate links

You may use graphic and textual links on your website and in your e-mail messages. You may also advertise the B-Epic site in online and offline classified ads, magazines and newspapers.

You may use the graphics and text we provide to you or create your own, provided they are deemed appropriate in accordance with the Terms and do not breach Condition 3.

5. Pay Per Click (PPC) Policy

PPC bidding is NOT permitted without prior written permission.

6. Liability

B-Epic shall not be liable for consequential or incidental damages (loss of revenue, commissions) due to affiliate tracking failures, loss of database files, or any result of intent to harm the Program and /or our website(s).

We make no express or implied warranties with respect to the Program and/or memberships or products sold by B-Epic. We do not claim that the operation of the Program and/or our website(s) will be error free and we will not be liable for any interruptions or errors.

8. Duration of the agreement

The term of this Agreement begins upon your acceptance into the Program and ends when your Affiliate Account is terminated.

The terms and conditions of this agreement may be amended by us at any time. If any change to the terms and conditions of this Agreement is unacceptable to you, your only choice is to terminate your Affiliate Account. Your continued participation in the Program will constitute your acceptance of any changes.

9. Indemnification

Affiliate shall indemnify and hold harmless B-Epic and its affiliates and subsidiaries, officers, directors, employees, licensees, successors and assigns, including those authorized by B-Epic to transmit and distribute materials, from any liability, damages, fines, judgments, claims, costs, losses and expenses (including reasonable legal fees and expenses) arising of or relating to any claims suffered in connection with this Agreement due to Affiliate’s negligence, misrepresentation, failure to disclose, or willful misconduct.

10. Governing Law, Jurisdiction and Attorneys’ Fees

This contract is governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Switzerland and the State of Vaud. Any dispute arising from this contract or related in any way whatsoever to it will be settled exclusively by the courts of the State of Vaud.

In the event of a dispute to enforce any provision of this Agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover from the other party its costs and fees, including reasonable legal fees.

11. Electronic Signatures Effective

The Agreement is an electronic contract that sets out the legally binding terms of your participation in the B-Epic Partner Program. You indicate your acceptance of this Agreement and all terms and conditions contained or referenced in this Agreement by completing the Affiliate Program registration and/or generating your own B-Epic referral link. This action creates an electronic signature which has the same force and legal effect as a handwritten signature.


Performed on 24.08.2021 in Vevey.