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June , 2022
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Julien Volet SA, a real estate agency located in the heart of Montreux, only a few meters from the train station, was created by a licensed property manager, Julien Volet.

After several years in institutional management, Julien Volet decided to apply his skills in traditional management, combining institutional and especially private clients.

Attracted by human contacts and commercial management, he collaborated over the years with important national, cantonal and especially local real estate actors.

Grandson of a winegrower and native of the Lavaux region, Julien has an excellent knowledge of the French-speaking market, thanks to the portfolios he has managed in the cantons of Fribourg, Valais, and of course the canton of Vaud where he is originally from and where he lives.

Patented since 2009 and after 10 years of experience, he founded his company alone on July 1, 2016.
Julien is also an assessor judge at the Tribunal des Baux de l’Est vaudois and an expert at the federal exams for real estate managers.

Julien Volet SA is a family business on a human scale, orchestrated by a team present on all projects. Whether it is a rental, a sale or an expertise, your project is studied, in order to satisfy the client to the highest degree.

Entrusting your property to Julien Volet SA is the guarantee of a quality service, carried out by a team of professionals at your service. Your real estate is a valuable asset. At Julien Volet SA, we understand that availability is a necessity and a guarantee of impeccable service.

Our team of real estate professionals awaits you: Nicola De Palma, Pasqualina Parisi, Julie de Vivo, Joëlle Rossier, Maria Cisternino, Céline Clerc, Maria Vicario, Barbara Monney, Rolly Mambu Vua and Julien Volet are at your disposal for any question.

Julien Volet SA, more than a service…