via ferrata | rocks of naye

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October, 2021
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During the month of October, we had the opportunity to film in our garden,

at Rochers-de-Naye, in Montreux.

The mission was to capture the beauty of the Via Ferrata experience, so that Thomas could remember it and, who knows, later show it to his descendants.
That’s why we have set up a small team of two people capable of multitasking to produce the best audiovisual content on this Via Ferrata.

If you are interested in this experience, we will provide you with some information.
Access can be done by car: parking at the Col de Jaman, 50 min on foot to reach the foot of the Via.

Another option, the train, Montreux – -> Rochers-de-Naye. 30 minutes walk from Jaman station.
The duration of the Via Ferrata is: 1.5 hours.
The level of difficulty is: extremely difficult / classified K5+ (Hüsler classification)

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