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Our tourism and adventure videos

music video The Peaceful Warriors
Discover Faroes Island
  • Video presentation for the tourist agency.
  • Highlighting the most exceptional places
music video The Peaceful Warriors
700km Fatbiking in Lapland
  • Presentation of the adventure
  • Tracking over more than 700km
  • Filming in extreme conditions -36°C
  • 8 days of full autonomy

Tourism and adventure videos

“The perfect way to immortalize your exploits and adventures

Mountaineers, climbers, extreme sports enthusiasts, Francisco and Aurélio live to tell stories about our connection to the natural world, often in the harshest environments on Earth. What could be more beautiful than being able to immortalize your trip, your adventures or even your sporting achievement? Few people are able to reproduce what the best athletes on earth do but with a camera in hand… This is the strength of B-EPIC and its team. Our passion for sport and discovery pushes us to keep up to date both physically and technologically to be able to follow you on land, in the air, under water or through flames!


Extreme sports, adventures

A lifetime of skiing, climbing, cycling and traveling in the mountains has given our team an intimate knowledge and respect for the high mountains. With more than 200 days a year spent filming in the mountains around the world, we had a perfect understanding of the unique logistical parameters involved in this type of production. From concept commercials to the most extreme expeditions, we’ve got the team for you.


Tourism videos

Passionate about the world of images and travel, our experience and our artistic eye will accompany you to capture the most incredible content during your travels. With extensive experience and many trips around the world, we are the team you need.

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