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Production of corporate videos

Examples of corporate videos made by our production company.

Electricity Emosson
  • Intended for website
  • Possibility to make known inaccessible places
  • Information about your facilities and your operation
  • Explanation of the product / service
  • Intended for e-mail and the introduction phase
  • All frequently asked questions answered in one video
ILC Dover

  • + 20 videos produced
  • Explanatory and training videos on the use of the machines.
  • Dangerous and complex processes explained in a safe and dynamic way on video.

  • Video tour of the factory
  • Aim to show areas that are not easily accessible to potential customers.
7 Peaks Brewery

  • Product video
  • Promotion of the featured product and the complete package
  • Video produced in a film studio
Julien Volet
  • Real Estate Services Video
  • Presentation of the team and its services
  • Visit of the new office

Corporate video

Do you know ALL the BENEFITS of a Corporate Video?

Corporate videos are an effective way to showcase your company’s culture and what makes it unique in the industry. These commercial videos convey a message before the potential customer contacts you, which you should use to your advantage.

It is proven that consumers absorb the video format better and faster, statistics show that 95% of the message is retained in this format, the fact that your senses are connected with the music, images and information, makes the combination perfect for your brain’s receptors.

By integrating an audiovisual project into your marketing strategy, you certainly have a chance of resonating, even in a saturated market.

84% of consumers say they were convinced to buy a product or service after watching a brand’s video. If that doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what would help you boost your business.

Do you want your site’s home page to be immediately attractive and compelling?

Then you know what to do, create a
a corporate clip.

Types of Corporate Videos

“An effective way to showcase your products or services through corporate video.”

All the leading companies in the market rely on high quality videos, to present their products, to teach the user, to train their staff and of course to be present on social networks, either with short videos of 15 sec. which are used in paid advertising, or with slightly longer videos located in their own profiles, thus generating reactions. More and more companies are deciding to be transparent by creating videos about their corporate culture.


TV spot

We all remember a landmark TV ad and that’s where the power of this tool lies. Well produced, this spot will maximize the impact of your campaign.


Targeted Advertising

Arouse attention from the first seconds by going straight to the point with potential customers? This is the purpose of this type of advertising which is very often carried out by Google Ads campaigns


Videos for social networks

Choose the optimal format and duration in order to get straight to the point. The goal? Get maximum interaction, sharing and feedback. Whether through an animated video of your company or simply a video presentation of your services, this communication tool is a “Must-have”.


Banner & Website

With a video Banner rather than a fixed image, your page is immediately more attractive and reflects a more professional aspect.

Ideas for corporate videos

10 ideas for your corporate video

In the audiovisual world, there are all kinds of videos that can be easily adapted to your needs, but how do I know which one I need for my business? Where to start?

As we ponder these questions, we are at least getting closer to the answer, don’t worry, here we will show you 10 tips on how to find your ideal corporate video.


1 - Conduct a briefing

A briefing is essentially a questionnaire on the main ideas that will guide our corporate video project. One could say that it is a guideline for this audiovisual minute to cover everything we need it to know about our brand.

– What makes your company different from others? – Who is it for? – What are the values you want to transmit?

This will give the real shape to your corporate video, it will help the audiovisual company in charge of your project to find the script, the music and the ideal place to realize it.


2. time

This is perhaps the most important point of all: keep your corporate videos short, i.e. one to two minutes is more than enough.

Don’t forget that the times we live in and the society we have built are looking for speed in everything. Therefore, a long video will only make you lose your audience. In short, short, concise and to the point, this trilogy will make your corporate video a success.


3 - Making scripts

Having a technical script and a literary script, that is to say, a simple and understandable language for all, will help you optimize the time, I leave you an example, a page written in letter size, in arial 12, is equivalent to about 1 minute of video, therefore, having two scripts you will be able to combine them to get a single script that reaches the necessary time.


4 - Choose the right style

Look for the right and concrete style for your video, for example, it could be a real image video, maybe even a testimonial or informative, documentary type.

The important thing is that it meets your specifications. Can you imagine an animation video for a law firm? It is clear that this would not give her the seriousness and confidence she needs, so it is very important that through the briefing we choose the style that fits and that we also visualize what other type of video the contest presents in order to get closer to the best idea.


5.- Visual consistency

Your company surely has representative colors, use them in your corporate video, always keep a typography and a form in agreement with your website, let everything have a visual coherence, it will generate trust.


6 - Stay away from the ordinary

Don’t focus on creating a “20 years of experience” type of video, this type of concept is already obsolete in the audiovisual world, your video must generate an impact, be creative, focus on what makes you different.


7 - Telling a story

Don’t fall into corporate egotism, i.e. focus on telling the more human side of your business.
How was it created, why was it created, what is its purpose?

And talk about your employees and even yourself. This humanizes the content and connects you to your customer, simply by doing so, you are working in your favor.


8 - Music

The fundamental piece is the music, it represents 50% of your video.
Keep in mind that it will enhance everything shown in this video. So take the time to find the right music for your image and brand. The wrong music can ruin your video.



9 - The voice-over

What is the pace of your video, what does your brand look like, who is it for?

The choice of a voice over according to your video is very important, it can be a male voice, a female voice, a more energetic voice, a more serious and deep voice, take the time to choose the right voice, which will eventually become the voice of your company.


10 -Set your budget

This last point, above all, will save you and the person carrying out your project time. Often, the video proposal and the money you have available do not coincide. If you have a fixed budget and it is clear from the start, your producer will know what equipment to use, for example:
Drone piloting, acting, special effects, among others.

This will certainly avoid misunderstandings and motivate the producer to make the best possible video, with the material that fits your budget.

We hope all this information will help you make the best decision, as we mentioned before, making a video of your business will never be a bad investment, on the contrary, it will increase your sales and bring your business into the digital world that connects thousands of people every day.

Institutional Film

IMPORTANT things to consider before creating your corporate film

A good audiovisual production must be attractive, original and promotional. Great content is essential for your corporate video to appeal to your audience.

Why not make a clip with aerial views or even an unusual theme?

Here are some ideas:
– Corporate film – Web video series – Documentary – Humorous short film – Crowdfunding videos
– Branding Videos – Case Study Videos – Career Videos – Overview Videos – How to Videos

These creative materials will help you connect with your current and potential customers. A visually appealing presentation will help you build trust with these potential investors, and if you’re looking to build loyalty, it’s also a way for your current customers to feel represented by your brand.


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