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With a few videos of the event, you can capture the emotions that will create a memory that will last a lifetime.

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Event videos produced by our video agency

Diablerets 3D
  • Aftermovie of the 2022 event
  • Video capsule for the promotion of the event in future years
  • Realization of photos for the promotion on social networks and website
The Spot Event 2022
  • Aftermovie of the event
  • Photos of the event
  • Teaser for future releases
The Muveran 2022 Trophies

  • Post-event film
  • Follow-up of the whole event
Montreux Trail Festival

  • Intended to serve as a souvenir for the participants of the event.
  • Opportunity to publicize the event to future participants.
  • Extensive coverage of all stages of the event
Humani’trail 2021

  • Aftermovie of the event
  • Teaser for future releases
  • Promotional videos for sponsor searches
  • Mini video capsules for promotion on social networks
  • 4 video versions of the same event
  • Several interviews
  • Integration of subtitles in several languages

Ideas for event videos

Event videos Without Strategy is Useless

The goal of the event video has many options, but the overall goal is to be able to make the best use of all the effort already put into the event.

Whether it’s a corporate, sporting or musical event, it’s important to be able to extend its reach.

If your event gathers 500 people and is then viewed 10,000 times, your communication will have a much greater impact that will last over time.

Let’s talk about your goal and we will help you achieve it, for the benefit of your customers as an event sponsor and the various brands that will be participating in the event.

We worked with B-Epic Agency for a ski-mountaineering race, the
Diablerets 3D
. The rendering of the photos and videos is absolutely splendid!
The final result is really perfect, made with care and creativity, and they even went far beyond our requests.
We feel the passion and the professionalism of this very nice team with whom we had a lot of pleasure to exchange and who did not hesitate to brave neither the cold nor the unevenness to have

the best possible images.
The whole committee thanks Aurélio and Francisco and looks forward to working with them again next year.
Margaux Jordan

Diablerets 3D

Ideas for event videos

Before, during and after the event will have an important impact on your results.

What do we mean by this?

The role of video BEFORE the event


Video teaser

In order to inspire, encourage and attract the attention of potential participants to the event, we can do so with a video teaser.

This type of video is short, dynamic and to the point, and gets the important message across: where, when and what type of event to expect.

With a clear call to action at the end, it is not only informative, but also lead generating.


Invitation video

The video invitation serves the same function as the classic e-mail/letter, with the information needed to make the most of the event.

This type of event video clarifies points such as: where the event is located, what moments are not to be missed, an overview of the event program, how to register, and an engaging teaser that encourages all guests to take action and register for this important event that is about to happen.


Backstage video

Backstage video, super important and not only before the event, but also during the event.

With this video, you can attack the rrss, creating exclusivity and anticipation for what’s to come, giving those not attending the event the opportunity to understand what’s going to happen and start following the story you’re about to tell.

As a result, you will have more display time in these first publications, which will benefit subsequent publications.

The role of video DURING the event


Opening video of the event

This is the time when everyone is fresh and attentive, it is usually the point where the most people are gathered during the event, so it is the best time to convey the most relevant information and leave expectations very high, while leaving everyone very motivated for what is to come.

It is essential to create a high quality video for this moment, and by quality we mean not only the visual part (which we take care of), but also the message to be conveyed.

This video must be planned down to the last detail in order to meet multiple objectives.


Live video

For all those who cannot attend but still want to be aware of the most important details of the event, this is the best solution.

It will even depend on the type of event, as there are sporting events that cannot be seen on site due to the complexity of access, so a whole line of cameras are set up that broadcast live to the people who attended the event, as well as via social networks, in live video format.

And there’s even more potential, companies can deliver commercial or corporate messages by reinventing their communication methods… and all without moving anyone from their comfort zone.


Event video

The videos of the event itself have 2 main aspects, an audiovisual communication towards your teams or an external communication.

In both cases, it is an important moment in the life of the company, and it is often wise to think of the film of the event to “immortalize” this moment.

Inauguration, product launch, trade show, public relations, results presentation, employee day, regional sales meetings, the opportunities are numerous.


Video reports/interviews broadcast

Every event is followed by people with strong opinions, and people want to hear what these people have to say. To satisfy this need, a video is created with excerpts from several interviews with the most important moments of these video interviews.

In this type of video, the viewing time is high, as interested people will watch the video until the end, which produces the direct benefit of being considered important by the algorithm of the chosen social network, as well as a video of relevance, which translates into an increase in the strength of your channel or profile.

To take more advantage of this opportunity, you can create a podcast with the same sound as the event video interview.

The role of video AFTER the event


Aftermovie / video teaser

Maintains the link between the participant and the event. Very appreciated by those who have already participated in the event, as they can relive the memories, show the event to their colleagues and motivate others to participate in the next edition.

The aftermovie highlights highlights such as interviews with participants, key moments, animations, key figures, etc.


Thanks to the video

Creating specific event videos to thank and appreciate participants, partners, sponsors and everyone who contributed to the success and smooth running of the event is a rewarding way to make them feel valued and understand that you appreciated their contribution.

It can also be an opportunity to preview your next event with videos of the finished edition.

Frequently asked questions about the event video service

What is a teaser video?

A video teaser is a clip of the best moments of the event, which is usually used by our clients to reach more people before and after the scheduled event.

Why make a video teaser?

This is the best way to get the most out of the money and time invested in the event. With a video of the event, along with a good strategy, you can reach potential customers who had not even considered consuming your product/service.

How long should a teaser be?

It all depends on the objective of the video, namely what we want to achieve.
In general, videos of this type are short and dynamic, as they are usually intended for social networks. You must take into account that the potential customer has a range of 3 seconds to attract his attention and a maximum of 25 seconds of average viewing.

How long does it take to get the video of the event?

An event video intended to be shared on the day of the event for attendees to share on their rrss, has a same day delivery timeframe, which must be planned in advance.
At the other extreme, a video for next year’s event, without the need for a quick turnaround, can take up to 15 business days. It all depends on the project.

How to build or make a teaser?

The counter-question would be: what is the objective?
If we define the target, the type of customer, the place where it will be published, etc. The next step would be to use some or all of the general structure which would be :
– attract attention
– show the problem
– establish credibility
– provide a solution to the problem
– Call to action

All this is adapted to each situation and each client.

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