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Capture the emotions of this event, creating a memory that will last a lifetime.
Our work

Examples of event videos produced by our video agency

Montreux Trail Festival

  • Intended to serve as a souvenir for the participants of the event.
  • Opportunity to publicize the event to future participants.
  • Extensive coverage of all stages of the event
  • 4 video versions of the same event
audiovisual production company
Humani’trail 2021
  • Aftermovie of the event
  • Teaser for future releases
  • Promotional videos for sponsor searches
  • Mini video capsules for promotion on social networks
Diablerets 3D

  • Aftermovie of the 2022 event
  • Video capsule for the promotion of the event in future years
  • Realization of photos for the promotion on social networks and website

Ideas for event videos

Know the different ways to record your event, congress, press conferences, musical events, sporting events, animation… nothing can resist us!

Event videos summarize everything that happened at the party, congress or event you organized, and help you promote it.

If your company is active and participates in trade fairs and congresses, if you give courses or conferences and need an introductory video, or if you want to show the deployment and impact of an event, we are here for you.

We can prepare introductory header animations for presentations and digital conferences.

Show videos with testimonials from satisfied customers at your events.


Aftermovie video of the event

A broad overview of the event, with some behind-the-scenes footage, attendee interviews, and general event activity.


event experience interviews

a well-timed interview is worth gold, it can convey the emotion of how the person feels with this event. That’s why having the ability to capture it on video and then show it to potential customers is a very strong way to attract people to the event.


Behind the scenes of the event

behind the scenes is a very interesting way to show the public, through a video, all that has been done to make the event happen, it’s VIP access to what not everyone will be able to to see.
When it comes to artists, this gives very good results, because everyone wants to know a bit more about the private life of the artist.


Video before the event

a powerful and ultra-dynamic video with a very clear message. You can’t miss the event that is about to happen!
That’s what we’re aiming for by creating a short 15-20 second video where you can publicize event dates, location and activities.

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