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Real estate videos made by our video agency

  • Presentation teaser of their properties.
  • Highlighting the most exceptional places
  • Detailed descriptions of the goods
Lake Geneva Hotel
  • Presentation of the hotel’s infrastructure
  • Enhancement of places
  • Guided tour and customer experience
Atelier UP | Architecture
  • Presentation of the renovation works
  • Valuation of the property
  • Location enhancement
Julien Volet

  • Real Estate Services Video
  • Presentation of the team and its services
  • Visit of the new office
real estate videos

Every day we receive more and more requests for real estate videos with different requirements to satisfy different needs, that’s why we leave you with all the information you need to boost your business.

Real Estate Videos


“An effective way to showcase your goods and services

The effectiveness of videos is beyond doubt, and even more so in the world of real estate. Having the possibility to pay a virtual visit to a client on the other side of the world is something unimaginable a few years ago.

But when we talk about first impressions, the image is fundamental. That is why it is essential to have high quality videos, with a good narration and a good explanation of the characteristics of the property.


Residential Property


Industrial property


Sales area



Types of videos for real estate

Local Life: Neighborhood Video

This video aims to show all the benefits of the area where the property is located, detailing things such as:

  • Shops and schools nearby
  • The quality of the environment (vegetation, lake, mountains, etc.)
  • The neighborhood
  • Public transport available (tram, metro, bus, etc.)
  • The atmosphere of the area in question (calm, festive, etc.)
  • Local advantages (new ownership, immediate proximity, etc.)
  • Or local events (neighbours’ party, big raffle, events, etc.)


Real Estate Video "Guided tour"


In this video, you’ll take a guided tour that lets you see the entire property from the comfort of your home.

This type of real estate video has the virtue of showing the best features of the property and at the best time of the day, be it sunrise, midday or sunset.

Nothing better than a sunset over the lake, or waking up to the sun in the bedroom, it all varies and will depend on the property.

"Témoignage% 22 Real estate video

A friend’s recommendation is worth more than an advertisement. This is why sites like amazon or even google and added the stars of the reviews on the products that are offered.

As such, having an authentic testimonial from a former client who was satisfied with your services is a very effective way to build trust with new clients.

Video from expert "Advice or education".

This type of video generates credibility and expertise on the part of the speaker, because it helps and informs on topics related to the purchase, sale or rental of real estate.

Here are some examples:

  • A home staging video, to give decoration ideas.
  • A “news” video, to inform about current events and real estate trends in the country.
  • An advice video, to answer your audience’s questions: How to estimate the value of a property? When is the best time to put my house on the market? Which bank offers the best mortgage interest rate? Why should I invest in a new property? Why should I do an inspection?
  • Valuable content for the client, for example, how to choose a real estate agent, how to read an inspection report, how to apply for a bank loan.

Intro Videos: Making a Memorable First Impression

Creating an emotional connection and closeness with clients, understanding their problems and resolving them are essential characteristics of real estate agents.

That’s why giving them the opportunity to get to know you a little beyond work is fundamental to creating a click in them. It helps to humanize the agent while transmitting transparency.

"About the company" real estate video

A presentation of the real estate company where things like:

  • The genesis of your property management company
  • Your geographical area
  • Your real estate experience
  • Your values
  • Your teams (agents, managers, partners…)

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