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Stones & Jewelry
  • Product enhancement
  • Creating an atmosphere
  • Real application on model
  • Intended for social networks

Swiss craft beer

  • 28 second commercial
  • Presentation of the main products
  • Product enhancement
  • Content creation for brand promotion

Advertising videos

“A powerful way to showcase your products”

Video ads are ubiquitous these days. Just open your internet browser and you will immediately be confronted with one of these videos. Companies have understood this because it is indeed much more pleasant to watch a video than to read a long text. In addition, this type of promotional videos can provide you with a lot of information about your product in order to consolidate your purchase decision.


TV spot

We all remember a landmark TV ad and that’s where the power of this tool lies. Well produced, this spot will maximize the impact of your campaign.


Targeted Advertising

Arouse attention from the first seconds by going straight to the point with potential customers? This is the purpose of this type of advertising which is very often carried out by Google Ads campaigns


Videos for social networks

Choose the optimal format and duration in order to get straight to the point. The goal? Get maximum interaction, sharing and feedback.


Banner & Website

With a video Banner rather than a fixed image, your page is immediately more attractive and reflects a more professional aspect.