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In this brief article we will explain to you, in a simple way, everything related to photography so that you can start your journey with it.

What is photography?

It is the act of capturing light with a camera, projecting it onto film or digital media. The film is sensitive to light, it reacts and makes an impression on the cellulose. The digital medium, an image sensor, transforms light waves into electrical signs. The product of this transformation is called photography, image, shot, image, etc.


To show off your best work and earn money, it’s super important to have a portfolio, with specialized, high-quality images and good design.

It makes you look professional and approachable. These days, it’s cheaper to print a photography book using software that makes designing easier.

You can also have digital portfolios using apps, websites or, as we recommended, Lightroom.

Types of photography:

It is important to mention that this incredible invention has been the key to science, journalism and history. Thanks to documentation, we have proof of certain facts that have occurred in our existence and the possibility of keeping perpetual memories.

Depending on the subject and the intention of the image, it can determine different types of this activity such as: fine art photography, historical photography, fashion photography, scientific photography, landscape photography, commercial photography and documentary photography.

Material Types
The first permanent photo was taken in 1826 by Josep Nicéphore Niépce, in France. Since then, brand new technology has made it possible to develop and manufacture equipment for a wide audience, meeting their needs. For example with photosensitive films; by varying their composition, weight, length and width, which allows them to react in color, for example. The types of cameras that exist are as wide as their users, here are a few: DSLR Cameras, Mirrorless Cameras, Compact Cameras, Action Cameras, 360 Degree Cameras, Medium Cameras format, smartphone cameras, bridge cameras, film cameras, instant cameras, etc.
Editing and organization of photos:
The process after the photo shoot is very important, you have to organize, select and edit your photos, for future printing, publication or portfolio.
In general, editing software comes with a special section for better organization of your work. We recommend Lightroom because it’s user-friendly, created especially for photographers, and offers you different activity modules.
Another very popular software, suitable for advanced photographers or people who are getting into graphic arts, is Adobe Photoshop, which is characterized by making masks with each adjustment to protect the original archive.
Editing with the use of presets is very popular lately, especially in social media. You have probably seen some Instagram accounts with the same style in all their photos, it could be due to the presets. A preset is an already established editing parameter, which can modify parameters like tints, shadows, colors, contrasts and others. You can apply them to as many photos as you want, simplifying your editing sessions, improving time management, and maintaining a continuous style on photos, which could help you get recognized.

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