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Sports Videos that will aim to transmit the values of sport and surpassing oneself.

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Sports videos made by our production company

Diablerets 3D
  • Aftermovie of the 2022 event
  • Video capsule for the promotion of the event in future years
  • Realization of photos for the promotion on social networks and website
Via Ferrata | Rochers de Naye
  • The best memory of a unique sporting activity.
  • Highlighting a place and an activity.
  • Several shots of filming.
Sports Record | Vanessa Morales
  • Immortalization of the athlete’s exploit.
  • Image proof of the exploit
  • Sharing the unique moment with the athlete’s network.
  • Promotion of sponsors and partners.
  • Media support for the press and specialized websites.
Montreux Trail Festival

  • Intended to serve as a souvenir for the participants of the event.
  • Opportunity to publicize the event to future participants.
  • Extensive coverage of all stages of the event
Humani’trail 2021

  • Aftermovie of the event
  • Teaser for future releases
  • Promotional videos for sponsor searches
  • Mini video capsules for promotion on social networks
The Muveran 2022 Trophies

  • Post-event film
  • Follow-up of the whole event

Sports Video Ideas

the best way to showcase your sporting events, products or services

Nowadays, the recording of videos or photos is something that is not even discussed, a priori when it comes to the quality of the content. This is due to the great technological advancement when it comes to cameras and media.
It is essential to be able to communicate through these media the emotion that we seek to provoke in the end user.
This is how the big sports brands rely on the communication of an emotion, an idea or a thought rather than on the product itself.
Among the wide variety of examples that exist in sports audiovisual production, here are some ideas.

You are a sports event organizer and you want to produce aftermovies? The B-Epic agency produces your films. The Sports Videos will allow you to increase your visibility, to attract more people for future editions and to promote it on social networks.


Athletic event

One of the great strengths of a sporting event is the ability to bring together a large number of enthusiasts in the same field.

This is why it is essential to make videos of your events. In terms of visibility, this is the best promotion you can do because the participants of these events will share your image through these videos for free, which will allow you to reach a large number of people for future events.

That is why it is essential to have a record of the event, especially if you have in mind that you will be able to use this photographic or video material to promote the event of the following year.


Sponsor/Partner Promotion

Whether as events or as athletes, sponsors are essential elements for the smooth running of events or sports practice. It is therefore essential to also make a targeted promotion in order to bring visibility and why not unearth new sponsors?


Shooting sports records

A unique and important moment such as a sports record must be recorded. On the one hand as proof as well as for the emotion and the achievement it arouses.

This will require a team of directors capable of understanding exactly how these actions unfold and above all capable of following the athlete to the end of this feat.


Advertising with Sports Videos

Most people hate ads. Why? Because it is very often cliché, overplayed and it is above all untimely and inappropriate.

A successful ad is an ad where the viewer can identify with the hero. The goal will be to film a beautiful image with experience. If we want to watch advertising from start to finish, it’s simply because it has to tell a story.

Instead of trying to sell something, it’s essential to talk about values, those values that most people will identify with.

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